Fliegengewicht Melville Sommerhut aus Stroh- handgefertigt in Italien - OUT OF AUSTRALIA | Kakadu Traders Australiasommer-hut sonnen-hut strand-hut sonnenschutz-hut stroh-hut jute-hut panama-hut havanna-hut männerstroh-hut männer-stroh-hut frauenstroh-hut frauen-stroh-hut kopfbedeckung sonnenschutz-hut urlaubshut sonnenliegen-hut leichte-sommer-hüte jute-faser sonnenschutz land-hut stadt-hut

Flying weight Melville Sommerhut made of straw-handmade in Italy

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Of the MelvilleTraveler Summer hat is our absolute lightweight here in cream white.

The material is pleasantly easy to wear- you could think you don't wear any ... which of course is not the goal. Great sun companion in the city like in the country!

All straw hats have a textile inner ligament. So the hat also sits comfortably on the forehead.

Even on hot summer days, it offers optimal sun protection. The timeless shape and color make it a fashionable companion. Textile hat band -with color gradient.

Made in Italy.

100% straw