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Crumplable wool felt hat for women and men with a two-colored leather hat band

Crumplable wool felt hat for women and men with a two-colored leather hat band

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✅ The perfect outdoor hat - this hat from Wollfilz is a real all -rounder. The material is almost waterproof and light and comfortable. Whether in the city, in the forest, or in the mountains.

✅ For all occasions - the ideal companion for hiking, trekking or walking with the dog, hunting, strolling out, etc. looks good and protects in any weather.

✅ Rolling and crushing - you can crumple and roll together. So the hat for the trip can simply be stowed away in the suitcase or disappear into backpack or bag on the way.

✅ Robust and easy to care for - the material is durable and dirt -repellent and does not need a lot of care. It consists of the natural raw material and is therefore a natural product.

✅ Exchange or return - if the hat does not fit, it can simply be exchanged to the next size. If you don't like it, a return after the fitting is of course not a problem.

The Leo Wollfilz makes outdoor hearts beat faster. The crumplable or rollable outdoor hat made of pressed wool felt is more robust than you would take at wool felt.

The material is water -repellent, with a wide brim and a high block. The two -tone hat band rounds off the picture. Here we go!

Material: 100% wool felt

Hutblock height: approx. 12 cm

Width width: approx. 7.5 cm

About woolen felt

Valley can be matted and consolidated by moisture, heat and friction. This creates a homogeneous textile area, the wool felt. Depending on the editing, it can be tough as cotton or after walking. In addition, there are a variety of ways to refine the felt. Accordingly, the possible uses of the wool felt are diverse. The very fine and high -quality sheep's wool is used as a raw material.

Filz is a textile surface structure made of an disordered, difficult to separate fiber. Filz is therefore a non -woven textile.

With regard to care and cleaning, wool felt is an unproblematic material. The fat content of the wool and the density of the material prevent dirt from penetrating quickly.

Clean: Remove stains with a dashing stain water or shampoo and sponge or alternatively clean the felt chemically

Drying: Wet parts slowly, smoothly dry on the air

Smoothing: iron iron with moderately warm iron - wool, also with steam

Please do not wash the felt in the machine, as the felt process continues.

Kakadu hats or as we often call them mates (buddy)- come in all possible colors and shapes, so we are sure that the right thing is also for you!

But let's start from the beginning. Before we choose something, we certainly make that the hat also fits. After all, he should sit comfortably.

Take a tape or a stable thread and put it around your head so that it lies over the eyebrows and about 1 cm above the ears. Under no circumstances pull the tape too tight, remember, the hat should sit comfortably.

Then follow the size table to determine your correct size.

Very important, all of our hats are made by hand and can also vary within the size, in addition there is the material thickness of the leather. If you are unsure, in case of doubt, call us or write an email, pass through your measure and we measure your hat before we send it to you.


100 % Wollfilz


 Schurwolle lässt sich durch Feuchtigkeit, Wärme und Reibung verfilzen und festigen. Dadurch entsteht ein homogenes textiles Flächengebilde, der Wollfilz. Je nach Bearbeitung kann dieser weich wie Watte oder nach dem Walken hart wie Holz sein. Hinzu kommen eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten, den Filz zu veredeln. Entsprechend sind die Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Wollfilze vielfältig. Als Rohstoff wird die sehr feine und hochwertige Schafwolle verwendet.

Filz ist ein textiles Flächengebilde aus einem ungeordneten, nur schwer zu trennendem Fasergut. Es handelt sich bei Filz also um eine nicht gewebte Textilie.

In Bezug auf Pflege und Reinigung ist Wollfilz ein unproblematisches Material. Der Fettanteil der Wolle und die Dichte des Materials verhindern ein schnelles Eindringen von Schmutz.

Reinigen: Flecken mit einem rückfettenden Fleckenwasser bzw. Shampoo und Schwamm entfernen oder alternativ den Filz chemisch reinigen

Trocknen: Nasse Teile langsam, glatt aufliegend an der Luft trocknen

Glätten: Mit mäßig warmen Eisen bügeln - Einstellung Wolle, auch mit Dampf

Bitte Filz NICHT in der Maschine waschen, da sich hierbei der Filzvorgang fortsetzt.

all about your head

Wrap a tape measure or a piece of string (if you use string, you'll need a ruler as well) around your head so that it is above your eyebrows and a 1cm / half and inch above your ears.

No need to pull too tight - remember you want your hat to be comfy! Follow the size guide below to help determine your size. 

There are some slight variations in size depending on the fabric used for the hat - thicker materials mean the hat fit will be a bit tighter and thin fabrics a bit touch looser


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