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Kakadu Australia Outdoor Wildlederhut Geelong Outback

Kakadu Australia Outdoor Wildlederhut Geelong Outback

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A great spirit needs a high crown ... The Kakadu Australia Geelong is made of suede with a high crown and of course curved clamp. FÜR A good air circulation ensures three ventilation holes in the block. The chin bands are located inside. The hat band is from a 3-strand braided leather strap in a hat color. Sun protection UPF 50+.

The leather protects in any weather | When the hat has gotten wet, the leather then dab dry with a cloth and let the hat dry in the air | Leather wants to be used, the more often the better | The natural walk process that is given with frequent use keeps the leather soft and smooth.

Leather is a natural product, breathable to a certain extent water -repellent. The leather wants to be maintained with good oil, wax or impregnation spray. A hat never belongs to the heating, sunshine in the car or on the window seat on the south side.
  • Just like a good shoe, your hat adapts to you, it becomes smoother, gets the signs of wear that are common for you (Krempenliftter or hat block rabbit). Scratches and bumps are characteristic.
  • Hutblock height: approx. 10.5 cm
  • Width width: approx. 8 cm


    • Material: 100% leather

    • Kakadu hats or as we often call them mates (buddy)- come in all possible colors and shapes, so we are sure that the right thing is also for you!

    • But let's start from the beginning. Before we choose something, we certainly make that the hat also fits. After all, he should sit comfortably.

    • Take a tape or a stable thread and put it around your head so that it lies over the eyebrows and about 1 cm above the ears. Under no circumstances pull the tape too tight, remember, the hat should sit comfortably.
    • Size S: 55 cm, M: 57 cm, L: 59 cm, XL: 61 cm, XXL: 63 cm
  • Material

    100 % Leder


    Leder ist ein Naturprodukt, atmungsaktiv bis zu einem gewissen Grad wasserabweisend. Gepflegt werden will Wildleder mit einem Imprägnier Spray.

    Staub einfach mit einem Tuch abnehmen.

    all about your head

    Wrap a tape measure or a piece of string (if you use string, you'll need a ruler as well) around your head so that it is above your eyebrows and a 1cm / half and inch above your ears.

    No need to pull too tight - remember you want your hat to be comfy! Follow the size guide below to help determine your size. 

    There are some slight variations in size depending on the fabric used for the hat - thicker materials mean the hat fit will be a bit tighter and thin fabrics a bit touch looser


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