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Outdoor | Cargo women's skirt Ashbury made of robust canvas

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Of the Kakadu Traders Asbury Rock in the cargo style has a removable pocket, which can be attached to any position around the waistband.

Blue XS: BUND approx. 73 lCoat approx. 42 cm

Blue S: BUND approx. 77 length approx. 42 cm

Blue M: BUND approx. 81 cm length approx. 53 cm

Blue XL: BUND approx. 85 length approx. 45 cm

Taupe S: BUND approx. 77 length approx. 42 cm

Taupe M: BUND approx. 81 cm length approx. 42 cm

Gray-beige: waistband approx. 77 cm length approx. 49 cm


material: 100% cotton

Gunn-Worn- worn, worn out

Originally, this type of washing was created for clothing that had to withstand externally hard conditions.

Classically used by workers from the outdoor areas such as Construction and assembly, truckers, Field workers and mien workers.

The color is with this type of Washing Stored deep into the tissue. Since it is mostly very heavy Denimware acts, from 10 oz or 280 gr. There is the desired irregularity in the color image, which continues to continue with normal house washing. Often this type of wash is also used as Antique finish or Antique look Described because the products are deliberately removed and look old.

Here too, only natural additives are used and all by -products are complete biodegradable.