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Outdoor leisure vest with hidden inner pockets, leather collar and zipper in Tobacco L

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Kakadu Australia leisure vest Hunter- Workwear Look in Tobacco-single piece in L

The robust canvas cuts a good figure, the vest has everything you can expect from it. Raber zipper, breast pockets with a plate, insert pockets against cold fingers and because we wanted something special, this version has the huge inner pockets with Holster, this is perfect for mobile phones, ID papers or to stow a whole picnic. The pockets can be closed to lose the risk of losing a little. Perfect for globetrotters and city children.

 Material: 100% cotton, collar: 100% leather

  • Breast size: L: 102 cm
  • To the material: The towels are all made from 100% cotton threads. The raw fabric is Egyptian cotton, which weighs a maximum of 160gr./ m2 as raw mass. In order to maintain even quality in appearance and under control, only cloth surfaces with a constant size are used during processing.


    Originally, this type of washing was created for clothing that had to withstand externally hard conditions. Used classically of workers from the outdoor areas such as construction and assembly, truckers, field workers and mining workers. The color is stored deep into the tissue in this type of washing. Since it is mostly very heavy denim goods, from 10 oz or 280 gr. There is the desired irregularity in the color image, which continues to continue with normal house washing. Often this type of washing is also referred to as an antique finish or antique look, since the products are deliberately removed and look old.

  • In general, it is advisable to spin the clothing at all or only with a low revolution. The mechanics of the machine ensures that the unsightly stripes in the clothing can arise.